Car Accident Statistics You Should Know

Car accidents are frequently a traumatic experience as people often hear about them while reading the newspaper, watch them being described on the evening news or see them in person while driving. Today, we’re going to discuss a few of the scary car accident statistics worldwide.

Scary Car Accident Statistics

Did you know, worldwide, 1.25 million people die in car accidents annually? That is an alarming statistic.

We often get into cars without thinking of the consequences or dangers they bestow upon us. That’s why it is even more important that you drive distraction-free and remain as attentive as possible.

While U.S. safety features and laws dramatically reduce the percentage of Americans being killed on the road, 37,000 Americans still die from car accidents annually (up from 25,000 in 2012).

If you thought the death rate was high, this statistic may be even more alarming; over 2.35 million are injured by car accidents. And road accidents are the number one killer of Americans on vacation or while traveling.

The cost of accidents isn’t cheap either; the overall expense for vehicle accidents has reached a whopping $231 million annually. And over 60% of accidents are due to either drinking and driving or speeding – both preventable behaviors.

Car Accidents are Preventable

Statistically, the more time one spends on the road, the higher the probability that eventually that person will be involved in an accident.

Many are fender-benders and minor accidents, but some are very serious and can involve hospitals stays and long-term medical treatment.

If you or someone you know is in an accident, it’s important that you contact 911 and report the accident immediately. Then, write down the insurance information of all parties involved and wait for the police to give you a copy of the police report before you leave the scene.

After you return home, be sure to contact an attorney who specializes in auto accidents and describe the situation in detail should the need arise to involve legal counsel. Martin & Helms is a law firm specializing in car accidents.