Written Testimonials

Bonnie's Story

When I got hurt on the job and the doctor said I couldn’t work anymore, I didn’t know where to turn. I talked with several lawyers and was told that they couldn’t help me. That’s when I found Martin & Helms. Tara Helms was glad and eager to give me the help I was so desperately needing. I was assured things would be fine and she gave me hope. Tara stayed in constant contact with me and kept me up on the case as it progressed.

With Tara’s help and perseverance, she won my case. Now I don’t have to worry for the rest of my life. I will be taken care of. If I have any questions, she always makes time for me. Even though my case was won, Tara still stays in touch with me, making sure me and my family are well. Tara Helms was a godsend to us and I thank God for her.

Rosalyn's Story

Mr. Clay Martin and Mrs.Tara Helms have been my lawyers since 1998. I found them in the phonebook. They have helped me out so much during my life. They have done 2 major cases for me and I received much more than I thought I would ever receive. They are the kind of lawyers everyone needs. I have recommended them to several people and they all told me they were very satisfied with the work they did for them. I think if you ever need a lawyer give them a call and won’t have any worries. They are the best. They are the best.

Linda's Story

I just wanted to thank you for every second that I was blessed with you guy's in my life. I came to you not knowing what I was getting into. I have never had much faith in lawyers. I found out in a very short period of time that you guys are the best. You pulled me in and treated me like you knew me. You treated me like I was important and what I wanted and thought about my situation was important.

I never felt like I was left out of the loop or that I had to hunt you down to get the answers I was looking for. For a while there I thought I was your only client. When it comes to doing the work that has to be done, you guys were the best. I didn’t even know how hard you were working, even though I would talk to you and what you always said was it is taken care of. When we went to court you just blew me away. You are the best. Anyone would be lucky to have you as their attorney. I hope to stay friends with you guys forever.

Cheryl's Story

My experience and representation from the law firm of Martin & Helms was of the utmost. I was very nervous and concerned when the crisis arose to me, that I needed to retain an attorney. Once I discovered the law firm of Martin & Helms, I must say my concerns were immediately put at ease. This law firm was very understanding of my crisis and made me feel very relaxed in talking with them. I was treated with the utmost respect and my representation could not have been any better. I was very satisfied with my results and would and still do recommend the law firm at Martin & Helms to all.

Martha's Story

In 2007, I was diagnosed with kidney failure due to a drug I had taken for a colonoscopy. Clay Martin accepted my case and worked diligently to get me a substantial settlement. Mr. Martin is a kind and considerate person, always ready to answer any questions and kept me posted on all actions taken. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney. He is a great person with compassion for what is right.