Crumbling concrete, cracked sidewalks, and uneven surfaces are ugly, and they can be dangerous. When pedestrians are walking down the street, they have the right to do so without constantly worrying about an uneven or cracked sidewalk that can cause them to trip, slip, and possibly endure injuries that can keep them hospitalized and even immobile for a specific amount of time.

So, who is responsible for slip and fall injuries caused by these issues? It all depends on where the injuries occur when an individual is walking, bicycling, or running outside.

Who can be held liable for the injuries when a person gets hurt?

If a person sustains these injuries while outside of another person’s home, the homeowner is often liable for the injuries. The reason the homeowner is liable is that the accident happened on his or her property. Homeowners have the responsibility of properly maintaining their property and warning of any dangers. If the walkway is privately owned, the owner would be liable.

Public property, however, is different. If you slip and fall on sidewalks maintained by your city or town, then the government entity is responsible. If you are hurt at a local shopping center, the property owner/manager can be held responsible.

What types of injuries can you suffer due to crumbling concrete or uneven sidewalks?

Crumbling concrete, and cracked, uneven sidewalks are often the cause of scrapes, bumps, and a little embarrassment – but that isn’t always the case, and people can sustain serious injuries in a fall:

  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Damage to the tailbone
  • Damage to the lumbar area of the back
  • Sprains and strains to muscles
  • Slipped or herniated discs
  • Concussions and other head trauma

The extent of the injuries depends on several factors, including the overall condition of the sidewalk and the impact of the fall. If you slip and fall down concrete stairs, bang your head against a hard surface, or end up falling off the sidewalk and into oncoming traffic, your injuries could be catastrophic.

Did you slip and get hurt because of crumbling concrete, a cracked sidewalk, or an uneven surface when you were walking around Huntsville? If you endured injuries from your fall and are now dealing with incoming medical bills that are costing you thousands of dollars, hire an attorney to help you pursue compensation.

Property owners are often responsible for these types of accidents and the injuries that occur. Here at Martin & Helms, we have experience helping clients that have been in these accidents. We want to make sure the liable party is held responsible for your injuries. To schedule a consultation in Huntsville or Decatur, please call 256-539-1990 or complete our contact form today.